The Amritsar Talkies
About us admin February 6, 2020
We are..

amritsar talkies is an indian film production company, based in the bollywood, mumbai. the company has the vision to produce quality and entertaining content for film, web series and televisions.

with a team of experienced talents from the industry having a similar vision and passion, arti puri, is an actress by profession hailing from amritsar, with more than Films & music videos to her credit in tamil, telugu, punjabi, hindi and music videos collectively. evidently considering the rich culture and history of amritsar, arti puri shared a unique closeness with the city perhaps, the entertainment industry primarily is in mumbai. she could not bring amritsar to mumbai so all she carried with her was the city’s name and hence, amritsar talkies was formed.

Our Productions

With a combined experience of over 9 years in production, we have a pool of highly creative, trained, and motivated professionals working towards creating unique and out-of-the-box content for their clients.